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Cost: $33.50 (Single)

Finest quality 100% Pewter Rectangular Belt Buckle with Celtic design around the clan crest insert of your choice.

Choose from over 200 clan crests, which are all the latest designs approved by the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs

If you have no clan affiliation, you can select from a variety of Generic badges, including Lion, Thistle, Piper and St. Andrews.

Before placing your order please click here to fill in our on-line details form. The form will open in a seperate browser window. Once you have filled in your sgian dubh details, please return to this page and complete your order through the shopping cart

Clan Crest Belt Buckle

Cost: $26.80 (Single)

Finest quality traditional Montrose Belt Buckle cast from 100% pure Pewter

Features traditional Celtic knot around an Inverurie design centre piece.

Inverurie Belt Buckle